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Skogen där inom- Arvidsjaur 4 September!

Välkommen till Skogen där inom - en skogspromenad med hörlurar som funderar över människans förhållande till naturen. Under vandringen får publiken möta olika konstformer som performance, dans, film och berättande och så klart också naturen. 
Inspirationen till det här projektet kommer från boken Body and Earth, skriven av den amerikanska dansaren och koreografen Andrea Olsen. Boken förenar miljövetenskap, biologi och ekologi med kroppsmedvetande, dansimprovisationer och sinnesövningar för att utforska kroppen och jorden och dess förbindelse med varandra. Den ställer också frågan; Hur kan vi bäst, mest ansvarsfullt bebo våra kroppar och vår planet?”

Om oss
Linda Remahl är frilans danskonstnär, koreograf och filmskapare. Hon jobbar deltid som danslärare på kulturskolan i Arvidsjaur. Född och uppvuxen i Göteborg men har bott i England i 16 år och för ett år sedan flyttade hon till Arvidsjaur. Linda är också medskapare i projektet Lomträsk108, en plats för kultur och turism. www.lindaremahl.com

Jenny Abdelkader bor i Tärendö (i Pajala kommun) och jobbar som kulturarbetare med olika flerkonstnärliga projekt och även som pedagog. www.dansochnarvaro.se

Vi träffades för några år sedan då vi bägge var med i Danspoolen, ett EU-projekt för att utveckla dans-och performancekonsten i Norrbotten. Med stöd av Konstnärsnämnden och Norrbottens läns landsting gör de nu detta projekt både i Arvidsjaur och Tärendö.

Övriga medverkande
Yessiqa Lövbrand (Luleå)
Performance och multikonstnär

Pepa Ubera (London)
danskonstnär och koreograf

Margarita Zafrilla Olayo (London)
danskonstnär och koreograf

För mer info, kontakta: 
Jenny tel. 0978/71839, 070/6171979
Linda tel 070/5225368

Body is Earth 2016- (arbetsnamn) Rörelse-och performance konstnären Jenny Abdelkader och jag kommer att skapa en performativ naturupplevelse, en naturguidning med audio & video installation, performance och dans 2016. Vi otroligt glada över att få stöd från Konstnärsnämnden och Norrbottens läns landsting för detta projekt. Projektet kommer att äga rum i Arvidsjaur och Tärendö. Mer information om plats och datum kommer senare.


Tillställningen hedrade Olycksoffren från tågolyckan 1956 där 16 personer tragiskt gick bort. Jag tillsammans med Kulturskolans danselever skapade tre danser som visades upp.


Geraldine and me- Resolution! 15th Feb 2013 
Between reality and absurdity lives Geraldine and her 'other'.
This bittersweet dark tale witnesses her aspiring adventure to risk all she thought she knew. A duet about one. A solo for two. 

Performed and choreographed by Rachel Champion and Linda Remahl. The Twin Factory.

In Collaboration with;
Costume design- Carmen Kabel
Improvised violin - Alex Taylor
Composer/ sound design - Tristan Shorr
Light design - Jules Shapter

The Place: Robin Howard Dance Theatre London
 15th of February at 8pm 

Tickets at: 020 7121 1100
or online : http://tinyurl.com/cvdwap2



The First Idea to Geraldine

A Danspool Production

Moving Values is a project designed to help organisations developing their sense of identity, culture and overall cohesion by working with their  values and the ability to bring them into practice through conscious action in the body.

In this unique project we use innovative interdisciplinary approaches to team work combining practical training on Non Verbal Communication and visual art installation, specifically designed according to the needs of every work setting. We offer playful and effective enactive learning experiences that stay afresh in the organisations' vital tissue, helping consolidate a clearly defined approach to work life, that helps people staying stimulated and actively engaged.

This project is a collaboration with Patricia Gracia Parra. She is certified in Somatic Movement Education, Dance Movement Psychotherapy and Contemporary Dance, specialised on team development at corporate, health and educative settings.
More Information. www.moving-values.com

Place Prize Shortlist 2012  

Longer footage

A few hours workshop, where I invited 6 dancers. With clear instruction in how to enter the studio and what was expected at the session. With very clear tasks given in the space dancers entered the set improvisation. This was done to try a method that I am interested in exploring in the future, as well as to have material to show and explain, about this piece that I am interested in creating. This is a piece in collaboration with Rachel Champion.

Place Prize Shortlist 2011  

Duet Day Exploration

ASSEMBLY part 1a

Six women. Chairs carefully placed.
Playful words and colourful encounters.
Everything is ready for a night of social dancing
A microphone stands, the woman starts talking...

A 60 minute dance theatre piece performed by six female dancers, inspired by Ballroom dancing, festoons and formations.

There are two different versions of Assembly, individually created from one another. Both pieces are visually very different, created with two different casts and creation methods.

This piece was funded by Vastragotalands regionen, (Gothenburg greater region) Sweden and created in a studio in London with professionally trained dancers, while the second version was created in a house in the Swedish countryside, with performers from theatre, circus and dance. (described below)

Performed at Robin Howard Dance Theatre, Evolution and open rehearsals at Clarence Mews, part of Architecture Week, London 2007

Performers: Dominique Bulgin, Minna Kiper, Eva Recacha, Holly Warren, Margarita Zafrilla-Olayo and Yael Karavan. Photo Cyril Charlot. Costume Design: Dominique Baron-Bonarjee

ASSEMBLY part 1b

Six women. Form and traces. Under the light bulb in Black and White we meet. She did move. Or did just I...

The second version of Assembly is inspired by partnering dance, its competitiveness, distinct movements and floor pattern. Six female performers, dressed in identical black dresses and white wigs. They rarely glance at each other, and with the use of minimal facial expression, their only source of communication is through form and touch. This piece ranges from mystery to humour, between stillness and dynamic encounter.

It was created deep in the countryside of Sweden, where myself and the performers all lived together in a house in Gunnarp. It was an incredible experience to live and work in this remote place, where the only mission was to create a magical world for these women.

Performed at Gunnarp House and Theatre Atalante, Sweden and Le Theatre des deux Rêves, Paris
Performers: Rebecca Bogue, Dominique Bulgin, Geneva Foster-Gluck, Yael Karavan, Yessiqa Lövbrand and Ingrid Tranum.

SOLO exploration


A collaborative project with Zurich based dance company cie.Tand.

I was invited to work as the movement director on their piece Stranding. In this involvement, I collaborated closely with the performers, Mark Carberry and two funders of the company Iris Seewald and Seraina Dejaco. As well as with artists Dominique Baron-Bonarjee and Matt Jackson, who created the set design and & music compostion.

The inspiration was memory, waves and the strandings of memory.
Performed at VorStadttheater Eisenwerk, Frauenfeld and at Zurich Design Museum, ZHdK, Funded by Kulturstiftung and TanzHaus Zurick.


This duet, performed by Solas Dance Company, was inspired by the expectation, excitement and displacement of two women arriving at a party. They don’t know each other, who’s party it is and there’s nobody else there.

This creation was divided into three parts. Two solos created independently by each choreographer, while living in two different countries, to then come together to create the third part.

In this piece we follow the two characters through a dynamic journey, swaying balloons and parallel pathways to the soundtrack of Emir Kusturica's – Black Cat White Cat.

Performed at Evolution Festival, Robin Howard Dance Theatre

Duet co-created with Yael Karavan.

The work-in-progress was shown at the Experimental Performance Festival at CoachWerks, Brighton where we will now have artistic residence for September 2009 to develop our duet.

Our duet explored the boundaries between dance and performance, reality and dream, abstraction and simplicity with a poetic physical vocabulary
More about Yael Karavan www.yaelkaravan.com


A collaboration with Colombian Painter Alejandro Ospina.

3 Parts- After. During. Before. 8 Painting- Silence. One professionally trained, one self taught and a non dancer. Each piece and element was created independently from one another and met for the first time on stage. Performers: Natalie Duchatellier, Rachel Gomme and Maria Svardberger Alvarez

Performed at Resolution Festival, Robin Howard Dance Theater. More information about Alejandro Ospina's work www.alejandroospina.com