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Projektet kommer att hållas i Glommersträsk i Maj, mer information kommer snart


LOMTRÄSK108- Arthouse Swedish Lapland
This is my lifetime project- opened in 2013. We will offer residences for international/national artists and focus on running community projects. We want to create opportunities where artists and community meet and artwork and practice can be shared and developed through the artist-community relationship. 

We were please to host our first project at Lomträsk018 this August 2013- International Impro Camp. A contact Improvisation Festival run by Contact teu (www.contact-teu.com) It was a huge success, where 30+ people from 17 different nationalities came to stay at the house during 10 days. 

We held open days where people could come during the day for a coffee and a cake to hear our ideas about the future of this houses, and then stay for dinner with all the dancers, to then see a performance in the evening. It was very many people during this events and we are so grateful for our lovely local community that gives us so much support. 

We felt also incredible welcomed by representatives of the municipality, where we had amongst others, the Chief of the municipality and the Major for visits. We felt so welcomed also from the local community. Here below is a little short video from a open event.

We are now planning new exciting projects for Arvidsjaur and lomträsk108. Here below is some articles from this August. 



Arvidsjaur Webpage- http://www.arvidsjaur.se/sv/Info/Arkiv/2013/Augusti/Vill-skapa-internationellt-danscentrum-i-Lomtrask/

DIP YOUR TOE- Dance In The Years collaboration

The Karavan Ensemble has been thrilled to embark this new journey, carrying the sea across Brighton in a reconstructed transient Bathing Machine during Brighton Fringe Festival.

In a project commissioned by Dip Your Toe. (Nightingale Theatre and the Marlborough Theatre)

We have been working with older people from the South East recollecting their memories between coast and sea, past and present, our migrating performance carries the sea within. A travelling museum of a displaced sea immersed with dance, physical theatre, live music and recorded stories in a site responsive performance.

This project is a collaboration with Dance in the years,  mine and Rachel Champions ongoing research and project. We have invited some of our regular participants to join us in a collaboration with the Karavan Ensemble, to take part of given workshops and in the final performance.

In this way we are giving our members a platform to continue developing the work we do with them in Dance In The Years workshops, where we encourage the exploration of their own movement language through gesture and expression, the notion of 'performance', and their own creative voice and it's importance. Also we offer the unique experience of working and performing alongside a professional dance theatre company and it's artistic practice.

The show included an audio visual installation by Tristan Shorr,  displayed within the bathing machine during the day, with stories from Dance In the Years participants plus an +65 peoples club in Hollingdean, Brighton called Evergreens. (Saint Richards). Our live performance was outdoors in 4 different locations every weekend day in May.

We did win the Most Groundbreaking Act and Star of the Festival, as well as the Argus Angel Critics Choice award. And here is a  Brighton Fringe Review- 5 Stars

See more about the process on our Crowdfunding video CROWDFUNDING 3 MIN VIDEO

More about the bathing machine project;

KULTUR I VAST community dance research 

I was granted Kultur i Väst's Community Dance funding (Sweden), for a research project of my future project Dance in the Years.

Dance in the Years, will be a company that can provide short artist-led creative movements projects with older participants. The projects will focus on the creative process of making a performance. This performance sharing could either be in the form of a stage production, dance film installation or a place specific sharing.

This research period have now begun in co collaboration with Rachel Champion. We have both been planning and dreaming of making this idea to reality, and are now reading, discussing and trying to get an insight into potential partnerships and working structures, both artisically and financially.


Below is footage from our first two workshops;


A series of movements and art workshops for all ages and abilities led by the Karavan Ensemble in the area of Hollingdean, leading up to a magical street parade using lanterns, music and performance. The project was funded by Awards for All for Hollingdean and is in collaboration with Hollingdean Community Centre.

Me and Rachel Champion, as part of the project worked with older participants living in a residential care home in Hollingdean.This picture was from a well loved Bingo evening. Below is a video for more insight from the whole process. 


‘No Spitting’ is a community-focused arts event organized by Dominique Baron-Bonarjee and Mihaela Varzari, that took place from 23-30 July 2011 at the Dorset Estate, Tower Hamlets, London. Through artworks, performances, workshops and community activities, it animated one of East London’s most inspired Modernist housing projects. Architect, Berthold Lubetkin (1901-1990) believed that architecture could inspire people towards social emancipation.

This project was an attempt to strengthen the Dorset Estate community through shared participatory and artistic experiences. The main aim was to create activities which use the arts as a catalyst for interaction between the wide variety of locals living in the Estate and beyond. The project took place at the Dorset Estate, in consenting residents’ flats and around the staircases.

It was a really inspiring project to take part of and we hope to create a bigger, longer and really exciting project next year. Due to illness I was unable to perform myself on the actual day, but I was glad to be a part of the planning.



The audience members could participate with their presence on screen. A video camera was standing alone in the corner, all they had to do was press record. Later I would look at the  footages and make an edit of the material captured. Coachworks, Brighton.


This video was created to support the goals of Ontario Dances. Ontario Dances is a program of the Ontario Arts Council (OAC). In 2013, the Ontario Arts Council will celebrate 50 years of support to the hundreds of artists and arts organizations across the province. Among these are the dance organizations, dancers and choreographers who produce and create in Ontario. OAC support helps ensure that dance lovers throughout the province have access to their work.Produced for the Ontario Arts Council by / Produit pour le Conseil des arts de l'Ontario par