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KRENOVA 2015-2016

Jag och Goncalo Rodrigues Marques har fått den underbara chansen att vara med i Krenova under 1 år. Vi fått deltaga i många spännande workshops, nätverka med många andra intressanta Krenova medlemmar och nyföretagare. Krenova har varit ett stort stöd i vår företags utveckling.

Inom snart kommer Lomträsk108 planer för framtiden publiceras. Men innan det så postar en bild på en ledtråd.

Krenovas huvudsakliga resurser är för tillfället: inkubatorer och seminarier. I inkubatorn erbjuds kreatörer en kontorsplats, utrustning och affärsrådgivning. Krenovas seminarier är lärorika mötesplatser för kreatörer och näringsliv. Här knyts kontakter som skapar förutsättningar för nya och spännande samarbeten.

Choreodrome 2011
A wonderful Choreodrome project at The Place. It was run by choreographer Rui Horta. During the project I was collaborating with Eva Recacha and Igor Urzelai creating a little piece for the choreodrome sharing.

I want to thank South East Dance for supporting me on their Mentoring Programme and Cecilia Macfarlane who has been my mentor for a year.

Cecilia trained as a teacher at the Royal Academy of Dance and as a dancer at the London School of Contemporary Dance. She is an Oxford based independent dance artist with a national reputation for her work in the community. Cecilia is the founding director of Oxford Youth Dance, DugOut Adult Community Dance and Crossover Intergenerational Dance Company and co-founding director of Oxford Youth Dance Company. She was a Senior Lecturer in Arts in the Community at Coventry University for nine years.

Cecilia is such a truly inspiring and wonderful human being, dance practitioner and facilitator. From the sharing of her experience and her invaluable advises and questioning, I have gained so much more insight and understanding into community dance practice and parallel my vision of my own practice have become clearer and more defined.

I am sincerely grateful for this given opportunity and the honor of meeting so closely with such a wise and unique individual will definitely have a powerful influence on my future practice and and ongoing inspiration and belief in movements, dance and the individual.

BIG INTENSIVE at Sadlers Wells

I just have to share that I have had a wonderful, life changing, magical week. To capture the essence in my own words.. a very humble, tool refilling, truly inspiring, own practice analyzing, pattern discovering and belief reassuring journey.

The time, exploration and thought, with and amongst established successful artist and the participants has truly changed and challenged the way I view life itself and my future work. I am now very excited and inspired to get into the creation of new works, to discover how the knowledge have been engraved, incorporated and merged, and with pleasure and curiosity watching it unfold and grow. 


 I have just attended a 2 days workshop at The Place called Artist Raising Funds. It was led by Theresa Beattie and Mairead Turner.
They were very lovely, skillful and passionate about dance and the management of it. The course was full of great advise and now starts the journey in how to incorporate all this useful information and guidance into my fundraising and practice.


A course organized by Trappan in collaboration with Danskontoret, Västra Götalandsregionen The course was amongst others lead by choreographers and dance artists such as Rosemary Lee, Veera Suvalo Grimberg and Paloma Madrid.

I was Shortlisted for Wooda Arts Award! (5 out of 162).

It is a residency on a organic farm in Cornwall. I went there for an interview, and I was very well received. The Lucky person who in the end got the stay was musician Sid Peacock,  who will be developing, recording and performing his new work there. Wooda Farm is a wonderful place, that offer time, great cottage stay and with focus on artistic exploration, in beautiful artist studios and extraordinary countryside landscape. www.woodafarm.co.uk